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Yes, I was just another stressed out west Londoner. Busy-ness and exhaustion was my badge of honour. I was infatuated with agitation. As a journalist, novelist and mother of three, I saw life as an uphill battle to be won. Littered with lists, relentless self-criticism and unfavourable comparison.

Until I read Professor Mark Williams book about Mindfulness. Everything he explained was obvious, but had escaped me. The decisiveness, calm, spaciousness, joy and time I gained from meditating snowballed over the next few years.

Finally, I took the plunge and went to study at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, at Oxford University.

I went on to teacher training with the internationally-acclaimed Mindfulness teachers Martin Alyward and Mark Coleman at the Mindfulness Training Institute.

I am a certified teacher with the Mindfulness Training Institute and accredited to International Mindfulness Teachers Association.

I hope that I can share this precious but simple practice with you.

Shireen Jilla

Shireen Jilla, Mindfulness coach


‘Mindful walking has been a revelation. I have less pain because I’ve not been tensing my feet with each step. I’ll alway have pain but this has made such a difference. It has been quite emotional.
I am so pleased I joined your course!
Kate Betteridge, Rheumatoid arthritis sufferer

The classes have been really good. And Shireen is an excellent teacher…

Maggie Fergusson, Author

After the six week course, I am more grounded, calmer and have learned to deal with stress and anxiety more positively.

Sarah Fox, Founder of Fox Interior Design

My sleep has increased.

Ilaria Bonoldi, Psychiatrist

Shireen’s delivery of the course is lovely. So is her depth of compassion.

Alix Gibson, Food, mindfulness and lifestyle writer/consultant