• Mindfulness is awareness of our present moment by moment experience. It is attention training with a profound goal.
  • Freeing us from the handcuffs of our habits allows us to make conscious choices and act freely with clarity, creativity and wisdom.
  • We have many workshops on, come along and taste what Mindfulness is.




Reducing stress with mindfulness courses
Reducing pain with mindfulness courses
Improving sleep with mindfulness courses
Improving productivity with mindfulness courses


Six-week mindfulness courses
One-day mindfulness courses
Mindfulness eating courses
One-to-one mindfulness courses

Shireen Jilla founded West London Mindfulness Centre in 2018. Since then Shireen has specialised in highly personal, one-to-one coaching, specifically tailored to each client’s changing needs and concerns, whether they are a boardroom exec or student.

Clients quickly gain deep insight and independence from their own experiences so they can see more clearly and act more wisely, freely and happily. Their lives radically change for the better.

Zoom allows Shireen to have clients across continents: UK, US, Europe and Australia. Though she has a long-term weekly client base, she also teaches many one-to-one eight-week introductory Mindfulness courses, particularly helpful for those who have, perhaps, tried to practice Mindfulness with Apps and are looking to gain a better understanding of all the basics and to establish a regular practice on their own at home.

Shireen also coaches absolute beginners keen to use mindfulness practice to help stop their distractions and stress.

As offices open up, Shireen will continue with her corporate workshops, team bonding and mental health and well being events for companies like Hanover communications, Mencap and societies like Lincoln College alumni at Oxford University.

Shireen is also committed to working with charities like Smart mental health charity at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital.

Working on mindfulness with Shireen was the best decision that I made in 2020 and it has
transformed my outlook. Although I still have a huge amount to learn and to practice, I
feel much more able to face the ups and downs in life, particularly the pandemic.
Shireen is fantastic on Zoom; the platform feels like it’s perfect for this kind of

Anna S, New York-based Corporative Exec

Shireen has a true gift for helping one explore the complex human dialogue between mind,
emotions and spirit in a way that helps one truly Let Go. Her approach is nuanced, profound and
above all, compassionate — offering wisdom that comes from an entirely authentic place.  I
recommend her highly as an inspiring teacher for anyone seeking to cultivate a greater sense of
peace and inner stillness.

Liz S, London-based American literary agent

Thank you for a great session. I’ve had some great feedback. Thank you for your help.

Lincoln College Alumni Events Organiser, Oxford University
Mindful walking has been a revelation. I have less pain because I’ve not been tensing my feet with each step. I’ll alway have pain but this has made such a difference. It has been quite emotional.
I am so pleased I joined your course!
Kate Betteridge, Rheumatoid arthritis sufferer

The classes have been really good. And Shireen is an excellent teacher…

Maggie Fergusson, Author

After the six week course, I am more grounded, calmer and have learned to deal with stress and anxiety more positively.

Sarah Fox, Founder of Fox Interior Design

My sleep has increased.

Ilaria Bonoldi, Psychiatrist

Shireen’s delivery of the course is lovely. So is her depth of compassion.

Alix Gibson, Food, mindfulness and lifestyle writer/consultant

‘It’s not the load that weighs us down, it’s how we carry it.’

Viktor Frankl, psychologist