Rightly most New Year’s resolutions are now buried in the back end of January. But one that rarely makes the extensive list is much-maligned Balance.

Balance to many means you aren’t be a risk taker or forward thinking.  You must be a bit of a sap.  A follower not a leader. 

Yet most successful professionals now live with the low level hum of anxiety, stress and distraction. This white noise stops many from being decisive and clear. 

To take strong action, you need to have a certain ease, freedom and awareness, which allows you to see clearly to make creative choices. The balanced get work done with spaciousness, originality and passion. Time is never an issue. 

Our misguided notion of Time should be the one with the bad name. 

If you are a hamster on a repetitive wheel of narrative thoughts – fretting, fussing and freaking out – about your performance, success and reward never being quite enough, your life never near enough to perfection, time seems to chase you like Usain Bolt. And you are breathless, even when you aren’t behind.  

Balance allows you to show great determination but without the attachment that drags you down. 

Balance gives you the emotional intelligence to know when to pull or push, or when to play the waiting game. 

Balance allows you to see your life through a richer, more textured lens that is always also more productive. 

Balanced decisions don’t carry regret, take U-turns, feel undermined.

As Henry David Thoreau said, ‘Our lives are frittered away by detail: simplify, simplify.”

Balance is key to achieving that goal.